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Private Residence
Bel Air, California

A young couple, both avid collectors of art, reimagined a mid-century modernist house as a place to entertain, collect and reflect on contemporary art. The design included extensive renovation of the existing house, opening a continuous horizontal gallery space filled with both two and three-dimensional pieces.  The interior landscape of art was complemented by a series of custom steel furniture fabrications including a wet bar, a highly sculptural piece in its own right.

Careful placement of skylights and windows captured reflected, indirect light during the day. Along with natural daylight, artificial lighting was designed specifically to illuminate specific art works and the custom steel fabrications. The totality produces an interior landscape of furniture, steel fabrications, art and video installations and paintings. Low maintenance, high performance materials, including terrazzo were used throughout the public spaces of the house, allowing for spatial continuity between the kitchen, the living room, dining room and entry.

Project Credits:
Eric A. Kahn and Russell N. Thomsen with Ron Golan.
Kitchen and bathroom interiors designed by Hub of the House. Photography:  Bret Gun